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Welcome to Growth & Gratitude

I am so excited you've taken the leap towards supporting your wellbeing with me!

Before you get started, I've got some handy tips for you in the video below to help you make the most of Growth & Gratitude as well as some useful links to the props I use frequently in your classes, so hit play below!

Props & Equipment Links

There's lots of useful items around the home which work perfectly for your home practice, as you get to know your body & how you like to best support yourself, you may find investing in some props can be a real game changer. 

The links below are where I've found myself returning to time and again for my prop needs & are mainly where the props you see me using online are from. 



I just love the mats from Liforme, they're super sticky and very cushioning for your practice. They last a very long time but they are an investment. One I would highly recommend investing in once you've established a frequent practice.

Click here to shop liforme

Bolster, Bricks, Block & Strap


Most of my other props have all come from yoga matters, they have wonderful ranges that are eco friendly & sustainable. You can pick up pretty much all the equipment you need from them.

Click here to shop Yogamatters

Starting Your Practice

Beginning a yoga practice from home can be a really nourishing way to support your physical & mental health. The security of your home space to practice can lead to a deeper connection & gives you more flexibility to use your practice when you need it the most. 

However, starting a routine with a home practice, just like anything, can be difficult at first.


I would recommend starting by planning your practice. 
Choose a day in the week that you can dedicate to your practice and put it in your diary. Set aside an hour or hour and half (for those days where a little extra relaxation is needed!) and verbalise your intentions. Speak with your family members to ensure that when you are practicing, it's time out for you & your wellbeing. Setting a boundary in place helps to get things off to a good start to prevent any interruptions and so you can feel supported in the steps you're taking towards your wellbeing.

Secondly, set up your space.

You don't need a fancy yoga room for your practice but I would choose a room which is used less frequently at the time when you wish to practice, this will further help to prevent disturbances for you. Make sure you have enough room to fully expand and stretch out. 
Have your mat & props easily ready in your chosen space, this is especially helpful if during your practice you need to quickly reach for a prop and also makes getting on your mat less of an effort if it's ready to roll out.

Don't forget those last touches. Your space should reflect how you want your practice to help you, if that means calming colours with scented candles, include them. If it's more useful to feel uplifted, include some inspirational quotes or daily affirmation cards. It should be your idea of a sanctuary and what that means for you.

Lastly, keep it small. Especially if you're new to practicing yoga. Aim for one class per week and increasing your frequency once you feel settled in a routine. Our weekly 'on the mat this week' class is a perfect place to start before venturing into choosing a class from the library. Try not to get disheartened if you miss your scheduled practice. Just keep coming back and eventually your routine will fall into place. 

Above everything, know that even if you sit on your mat with a herbal tea for 5 minutes of stillness, you're still practicing yoga.

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